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Big Data and the Semantic Web

Edd Dumbill:

[…] big data’s going to give the semantic web the massive amounts of metadata it needs to really get traction.


Conventionally, semantic web systems generate metadata and identified entities explicitly, ie. by hand or as the output of database values. But as anybody who’s tried to get users to do it will tell you, generating metadata is hard. This is part of why the full semantic web dream isn’t yet realized. Analytical approaches take a different approach: surfacing and classifying the metadata from analysis of the actual content and data itself.

A great vision. At least two things are true about it:

  1. semantic web has not peaked
  2. big data hides useful information

But we’ll see how many will realize the junction of the two.

Original title and link: Big Data and the Semantic Web (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)