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Release: First Public Beta of InfiniteGraph

InfiniteGraph is a new product in the space of graph databases coming from the producers of Objectivity/db, an object database with a long history. While still in early beta, InfiniteGraph promise is to provide “uniquely distributed capabilities and virtually unlimited scalability”. As we’ve learned, scaling graph databases is a challenging problem, so we’ll have to keep our eyes on InfiniteGraph and see what approaches it will take to tackle these complex problems.

About the first public beta release:

  • This first public beta release includes fully distributed capabilities, and an addressing scheme that supports virtually unlimited scalability.
  • InfiniteGraph 0.8 beta supports Java programmers, on 32-bit Linux and Windows platforms. Support for 64-bit Linux, Windows and Mac platforms, and a C# language binding are also slated for upcoming releases.
  • The InfiniteGraph 1.0 RTM and GA public releases are planned for later in July.

To get into the InfiniteGraph beta program use the following ☞ link.