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My kind of DB: Redis

Bjarni R. Einarsson emphasizing Redis simplicity and smart features:

See, redis is exactly the program I would (try to) write if I rewrote BottleNeck (the data-store behind Partalistinn and Walkabot) for serious use.

It does the same things, in the same way: it is a single threaded, in-memory hash server. It has a human-readable client/server protocol, running over TCP. Every now and then it forks out a new process to write a checkpoint of the current DB state to disk. It can track incremental changes using an operation log. The up-coming 2.0 version even has pub/sub features (BottleNeck has “watches”).

As we are at Redis and knowing that there aren’t many opportunities to see Redis creator, Salvatore Sanfilippo, speaking here is the recording of the Redis San Francisco meeting that took place yesterday. Set aside 2 hours for watching it as it is definitely worth it!