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The Challenge of Big Data

Don DeLoach (CEO Infobright) interviewed by James Powell (tdwi):

Data professionals will fall behind if they don’t change their approach—in terms of both the tools and processes they are deploying for information analysis. For example, traditional large-scale data warehousing requires extensive configuration and tuning, a massive and expensive hardware footprint and ongoing resources to store and maintain ever-expanding volumes of information.

It’s not uncommon for a large organization to keep an army of database administrators on staff to partition data, create custom indexes, and optimize poor performing queries. This is simply not sustainable in a world where information requirements change much more rapidly than they used to, and IT budgets remain tight. We can see the results in the huge growth of independent application data marts and new types of analytic solutions.

Data professionals need to diversify their solution set and look at new approaches for loading data faster: storing it more compactly and reducing the cost, resources, and time involved in analyzing and managing it. This requires a willingness to try out new tools and even experiment with different combinations of data solutions.

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