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MemcacheDB History at Reddit

Steve Huffman (co-founder and programmer of Reddit) speaking at ☞ FOWA Miami 2010 (around min.18:30)[1]:

And then there is another software that is really handy MemcacheDB, which is like memcached but is persistent. […] It’s very very fast, super-handy, we store far more data in MemcacheDB than we do in Postgres

Then bam! MemcacheDB bursting blocking writes leading Reddit to switch to Cassandra as friends from Digg or Twitter did.

Lesson learned: take such pieces of advise with a grain of salt and always test your scenario.

  1. It looks like Steve was not working at Reddit anymore at the time the presentation was made and so he might not have been aware of the problems related to MemcacheDB.  ()