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Big Data Top Ten predictions for 2014 by Jim Kaskade

I couldn’t start the new year without a final round of predictions. Not mines though.

Jim Kaskade:

  1. Consolidation of NoSQLs begins
  2. The Hadoop Clone wars end
  3. Open source business model is acknowledged by Wall Street
  4. Big Data and Cloud really means private cloud
  5. 2014 starts the era of analytic applications
  6. Search-based business intelligence tools will become the norm with Big Data
  7. Real-time in-memory analytics, complex event processing, and ETL combine
  8. Prescriptive analytics become more mainstream
  9. MDM will provide the dimensions for big data facts
  10. Security in Big Data won’t be a big issue

4.5 out of 10.

Original title and link: Big Data Top Ten predictions for 2014 by Jim Kaskade (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)