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NoSQL Adoption in the Enterprise Environment

I’ve read a couple of reports[1] related to a survey run by Evans Data covering also the adoption of NoSQL databases inside the enteprise world. I could not access the survey nor the results, but all these reports are quoting the following result:

NoSQL is being rapidly accepted by corporate enterprise developers in North America with 56% reporting at least some use of the schemaless database and 63% citing plans to use in the next two years according to Evans Data’s recently released North American Development Survey. NoSQL is considerably stronger in the enterprise segment than within the general developer population where 43% expect to use NoSQL.

Something feels wrong about it. All I can think of is that: 1) the survey uses a different definition of NoSQL databases; 2) the report uses a different definition for enterprise developers.

Original title and link: NoSQL Adoption in the Enterprise Environment (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)