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Hadoop Summit 2011 in Review

For those of us that haven’t been at the Hadoop Summit 2011:

Ryan Rosario

The main takeaway from Hadoop Summit 2010 was Cascalog. I predict the main takeaway from Hadoop Summit 2011 is Spark.

Anant Jhingran

My essential points are that the “birthers” (where hadoop has been born) and “adopters” (where hadoop will be used in enterprises) have a strong intersection today, modulo some extras on both sides…

However, at t = 3 years from now, we can either go separate ways because of different demands… or come together […]

Dave Cahill

[Hadoop] No longer a West Coast early adopter phenomenon. Hadoop isn’t quite mainstream, but almost, not quite at enterprise level purchasing but getting close.

Barton George interviewing with Eric Baldescwieler

A 4 minutes interview with the Eric Baldescwieler, CEO of Hortonworks, the Yahoo! Hadoop spin-off:


Last, but not least you can read Derrick Harris’ overview post .

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