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Maybe Oracle isn't the MySQL villain so many people think

Matt Asay digs a bit under the quite widely spread not really confirmed gut feelings that Oracle is screwing MySQL:

In sum, I suspect most MySQL users today are grateful for the Oracle’s contributions to MySQL. Its backtracking on core community best practices are regrettable but understandable, in light of the company’s security policies. Arguably, these should be revisited so that MySQL can benefit from Oracle’s technical leadership while giving the MySQL community the unfettered access to information that will increase its trust in Oracle’s technical leadership.

With the risk of saying “I’ve told you”, I’ve always said that Oracle has no interest in killing MySQL. Oracle didn’t kill BerkleyDB and they didn’t kill InnoDB while MySQL was still independent or under Sun. Killing it right now when it’s bringing potential customers into the door makes no sense.

The fact that Oracle’s policies and management practices are not community friendly is a different matter. But I’d bet that digging deeper into these would reveal that other companies that are perceived as open and community friendly are not very different.

Original title and link: Maybe Oracle isn’t the MySQL villain so many people think (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)