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ZooKeeper - Distributed Process Coordination

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From an interview with the authors, Flavio Junquiera22:

Although ZooKeeper has been around for a while, there was no good starting point for beginners or even a comprehensive reference for advanced developers. The online documentation is ok, but it lacks depth and is a bit scattered. Also, in some sense, ZooKeeper is a little bit too easy to jump in and use. We found that people were jumping in without fully understanding what they needed to watch out for, ZooKeeper’s limitations, and how to deal with some faulty scenarios.

  1. No commission, no affiliate links. Just a book you need. 

  2. Flavio Junqueira is working at Microsoft Research and is the PMC Chair of Apache ZooKeeper 

Original title and link: ZooKeeper - Distributed Process Coordination (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)