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Using MongoDB NoSQL Database in Your GlassFish Java EE 6 Applications

Skip the intro (until you see the MongoDB logo) to get a short intro on how to use MongoDB in a 3-tier Java EE 6 app:

This blog has published multiple blogs on how to access a RDBMS using JPA in a Java EE 6 application. This Tip Of The Day (TOTD) will show you can use MongoDB (a document-oriented database) with a typical 3-tier Java EE 6 application.

Two other projects, Spring Data and Hibernate OGM, are trying to make NoSQL databases feel more familiar to Java people, each with its own promise and approach. The benefit is that the more we have the more adoption we will see.

Original title and link: Using MongoDB NoSQL Database in Your GlassFish Java EE 6 Applications (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)