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Busy weekend ahead - Ricon West videos available

Ricon and QCon are the 2 conferences I regret most for missing this fall. Luckly both of them are publishing videos of the talks, so I’m posting this as early as possible on Saturday morning so you’ll have a busy weekend.

All videos from Ricon West 2013 are on YouTube1. Here’s my short playlist:

  1. Michael Bernstein: Distributed Systems Archeology. I watched this one live, but I’ll rewatch it as it’s both extremely interesting and entertaining.
  2. Peter Bailis: Bad As I Wanna Be: Coordination and Consistency in Distributed Databases and Diego Ongaro: The Raft Consensus Algorithm. These are 2 guys we’ll (continue) to hear a lot in the space of distributed systems. Even if their field is consistency and transactions.
  3. Jason Brown: Dynamic Dynamos: Comparing Riak and Cassandra. High availability? These are basically your options.
  4. Jordan West: Controlled Epidemics: Riak’s New Gossip Protocol and Metadata Store and Joseph Blomstedt: Bringing Consistency to Riak (Part 2). What Basho’s is working on.
  5. Jeff Hodges: Practicalities of Productionizing Distributed Systems. Experiences from the field.

I just wish , for my marriage’s sake, these would have been available during the long Thanksgiving weekend.

  1. Baho’s posts about the videos and their recommendations are here and here

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