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14 predictions about analytics in 2014

Today’s dose of predictions for 2014 is coming from a panel with people from Alteryx, Cloudera, Tableau Software and Revolution Analytics:

  1. Analysts will matter more than data scientists
  2. R will replace legacy SAS solutions and go mainstream
  3. Big Data will bring its “A game” in sports marketing
  4. Hadoop moves from curiosity to critical
  5. Gartner’s prediction that the line-of-business will drive analytics spend will happen
  6. Visual analytics continues to grow but users need more
  7. Analysts lives get more complex, but also easier
  8. Predictive analytics will no longer be a specialist subject
  9. Customer analytics is the next big marketing role
  10. A new analytics stack will emerge
  11. Location meets big data analytics
  12. NoSQL meets analytics

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