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Release: Riak 0.11.0, Defaults to Bitcask storage

Basho team has ☞ announced the release of Riak 0.11.0 which features a couple enhancements and bug fixes. But more importantly the new Riak 0.11.0 is using in-house developed Bitcask storage so replacing the embedded InnoDB store and other previously available options.

As a side note, Chef cookbooks for Riak have also been ☞ updated and Basho also released their internal ☞ benchmark code.

Bitcask has been ☞ announced a while ago as a solution developed to address the following goals:

  • low latency per item read or written
  • high throughput, especially when writing an incoming stream of random items
  • ability to handle datasets much larger than RAM w/o degradation
  • crash friendliness, both in terms of fast recovery and not losing data
  • ease of backup and restore
  • a relatively simple, understandable (and thus supportable) code structure and data format
  • predictable behavior under heavy access load or large volume
  • a license that allowed for easy default use in Riak

Jeff Darcy has some ☞ very good things to say about Bitcask, so I’ve spent some time reading the ☞ technical paper (pdf). While not an expert in either Bitcask or BerkleyDB/Java I have found the top level goals and some of the implementation details quite similar, but I’m pretty sure there are some subtle differences as BerkleyDB is referred to in the paper (nb maybe it was just about the license).

Release: Riak 0.11.0, Defaults to Bitcask storage originally posted on the NoSQL blog: myNoSQL