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Big Data: How about the other V's?

Doug Laney (Gartner):

Many vendors and pundits have attempted to augment Gartner’s original “3Vs” from the late 1990s with clever(?) “V”s of their own. However, the 3Vs were intended to define the proportional dimensions and challenges specific to big data. Other “V”s like veracity, validity, value, viability, etc. are aspirational qualities of all data, not definitional qualities of big data. Conflating inherent aspects with important objectives leads to poor prioritization and planning.

The same way aspirational qualities can be detrimental to prioritization and planning (and I agree with this), the same way a definition that tries to also be a guidelines and best practice is confusing1.

  1. Let’s not forget that the V-based definition of Big Data is not a mathematical definition that would require very rigorous, and strict, terms. 

Original title and link: Big Data: How about the other V’s? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)