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CouchDB and The Distributed Web Data

Michael Hunger (@mesirii) reports on Jan Lehnardt’s talk at Berlin Buzzwords:

Jan also stressed privacy issues and ownership of data, mentioning facebook and the diaspora project. One proposed solution could be to keep more personal data (or at least a safe copy) in a local couchdb instance. (“Every machine should run a webserver anyway - that is one the original ideas of the web.”). If you have those instances on any of your machines then information as:

  • contacts
  • appointments
  • bookmarks and browse history
  • even email and IM messages

could be stored as documents in the database and automatically synched (on the database level) to couchdb instances on all the other devices you use.

CouchDB has quite a few features (i.e. a friendly HTTP/REST API, replication and some more) that make it interesting for such distributed web data scenarios.