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Papers on transactions and consistency from SOSP’13

Thanks to Murat Demirbas, I got a link to the SOSP‘13 papers. Maybe is because of my myopic interest, but it seems like quite a few papers this year were focus on the topic of transactions and consistency:

  • Speedy Transactions in Multicore In-Memory Databases by Stephen Tu, Wenting Zheng (MIT), Eddie Kohler (Harvard), Barbara Liskov, Samuel Madden (MIT)
  • From ARIES to MARS: Transaction Support for Next-Generation, Solid-State Drives by Joel Coburn, Trevor Bunker, Meir Schwarz, Rajesh K. Gupta, Steven Swanson (University of California, San Diego)
  • Transaction Chains: Achieving Serializability with Low Latency in Geo-Distributed Storage Systems1 by Yang Zhang, Russell Power, Siyuan Zhou, Yair Sovran (NYU), Marcos K. Aguilera (Microsoft Research), Jinyang Li (NYU)
  • Consistency-Based Service Level Agreement for Cloud Storage by Douglas B. Terry, Vijayan Prabhakaran, Ramakrishna Kotla, Mahesh Balakrishnan, Marcos K. Aguilera (Microsoft Research), Hussam Abu-Libdeh (Cornell University)
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Synchronization but Were Afraid to Ask by Tudor David, Rachid Guerraoui, Vasileios Trigonakis (EPFL)

This SOSP‘13 page has download links for all papers.

  1. There’s an updated version of the paper here

Original title and link: Papers on transactions and consistency from SOSP’13 (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)