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Apache Hadoop 2 - YARN is GA

Even if there’s been almost 3 weeks since the announcement, Apache Hadoop 2 is too big of a news not to mention it here. If you want to read something about it, here are a couple of links:

  • The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache™ Hadoop™ 2 (a bit PRish)

    Doug Cutting:

    What started out a few years ago as a scalable batch processing system for Java programmers has now emerged as the kernel of the operating system for big data.

  • A short interview with Rohit Bakhshi (product manager at Hortonwork) YARN Brings New Capabilities To Hadoop:

    By turning Apache Hadoop 2.0 into a multi- application data system, YARN enables the Hadoop community to address a generation of new requirements IN Hadoop. YARN responds to these enterprise challenges by addressing the actual requirements at a foundational level rather than being commercial bolt-ons that complicate the environment for customers.

  • Mike Miller’s post on GigaOm: Why the world should care about Hadoop 2:

    This might be surprising, because Hadoop 2 is not a blow-your-socks-off release. It is not packed with revolutionary new features from a user perspective. Instead, its greatest innovation is a glorious refactoring of some internal plumbing. But that plumbing grants the community of Hadoop developers the pathways they need to address some of Hadoops greatest shortcomings in comparison to both the commercial and the internal Google tools that Hadoop was derived from.

  • Last but not least, any article you can find about YARN and signed Aarun C. Murthy will be well worth reading (e.g. Apache Hadoop YARN – Background and an Overview, old but very very details series about YARN’s objectives, or Moving Hadoop Beyond Batch with Apache YARN

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