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Couchbase Single Server Important Improvements

  1. Couchbase Single Server is the CouchDB packaging offered by Couchbase. But I think this is the first time this product came out under this name. At least the first Couchbase Server release didn’t mention it.

  2. Back in December I was speculating that CouchDB could benefit of an internal cache. But the Couchbase team has found other places to improve performance:

    • IO compression for faster effective IO, reduced view generation time and reduced disk usage.
    • Asynchronous write optimizations.
    • New, higher performance and more configurable replicator

    All these improvements are explained in a separate post. Note that for measuring these improvements, the team used a derived version of the Basho’s benchmark—one of the few good NoSQL benchmarks.

  3. Mathias Meyer has mentioned automatic compaction in his CouchDB post 1.0 roadmap. It is now available in the Couchbase Single Server 2.0.

  4. Couchbase Single Server 2.0 adds experimental Coffeescript support.

    The addition of CoffeeScript allows you to write your view definitions, validation functions, update handles and changes filters in CoffeeScript instead of JavaScript. This allows one to develop views sans-braces and semicolons. It’s just as fast, and much easier on the eyes.

    For me CoffeeScript is just a JavaScript DSL. I’m not sure I like generic DSLs, but I’m no JavaScript expert.

  5. It is great to see that Couchbase people continue to listen to the community and don’t drive their decisions by business objectives only—it might be the case that business objectives and community suggestions overlapped.

  6. Last but not least, most of these changes have already been contributed back to the Apache CouchDB. This is a good sign that Couchbase team will continue to support the original CouchDB project.

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