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 Tech Leaders Don't Win by Saying They'll Crush Somebody

The best technology companies in the world, be they in hardware, software or Web services, didn’t get there by brashly saying they were going to take out #1, kill them or stomp on their grave. If you think about it, or do your share of reading up on Web history, you’ll find that for the most part, the companies who we associate with leadership, be it through quality, market share or traffic stats, reached their position with a near purity of thought on their ability to deliver something new and differentiated. So when you read about company X targeting company Y or setting up to take them down, you can almost guarantee they either won’t make it, or company Y is going to change the game again.

There isn’t anything I could add to it. Maybe just an advise to encourage your marketing & PR folks to consider it when redacting the next message for your company and product.

Original title and link:  Tech Leaders Don’t Win by Saying They’ll Crush Somebody (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)