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Teradata: Hadoop, big data technologies 'small factor' in our slowdown

Larry Dignan for ZDNet reporting from Teradata‘s quarterly earnings call:

Teradata on Thursday moved to shoot down the theory that Hadoop and open source big data technologies are putting the kibosh on data warehouse rollouts.

The explanation offered for the slowdown:

The major contributor to our reduced revenue guidance for 2013 was the number of data warehouse opportunities that have moved out into 2014 with a large amount of that happening in the US where the pent-up demand in our user base that we expected to see in the second half has not materialized yet.

Wondering what‘s the real reason for not closing these deals. Maybe, just maybe, it’s those customers that decided to spend a bit more time learning about new technologies before writing the big checks.

Original title and link: Teradata: Hadoop, big data technologies ‘small factor’ in our slowdown (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)