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A Different Usage of BigData: Opower

One of the clearest usage of BigData I’ve read about—if it delivers:

Opower is one of the rare startups in the greentech world that hit on a solid software-based idea early on and is now charging ahead and growing at a rapid pace. Founded in 2007, Opower’s smart algorithms collect and crunch utility energy consumption data, analyze it for behavior-changing tidbits, and package the results into a detailed utility bill that can help consumers save around 2 percent on their energy bills. The bills can compare customers to their neighborhoods as a whole (leveraging shame, guilt or the competitive spirit), and recommend tips for saving energy.

Imagine using a similar solution for all utilities. And not only at the household level, but at municipality or even state levels.

Original title and link: A Different Usage of BigData: Opower (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)