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Release: Cassandra 0.6.2, 20 bugs fixed

Last friday (2010/05/28), Cassandra has announced a new release 0.6.2 which features 20 bug fixes listed below for your reference:

  • fix contrib/word_count build. (CASSANDRA-992)
  • split CommitLogExecutorService into BatchCommitLogExecutorService and PeriodicCommitLogExecutorService (CASSANDRA-1014)
  • add latency histograms to CFSMBean (CASSANDRA-1024)
  • make resolving timestamp ties deterministic by using value bytes as a tiebreaker (CASSANDRA-1039)
  • Add option to turn off Hinted Handoff (CASSANDRA-894)
  • fix windows startup (CASSANDRA-948)
  • make concurrentreads, concurrentwrites configurable at runtime via JMX (CASSANDRA-1060)
  • disable GCInspector on non-Sun JVMs (CASSANDRA-1061)
  • fix tombstone handling in sstable rows with no other data (CASSANDRA-1063)
  • fix size of row in spanned index entries (CASSANDRA-1056)
  • install json2sstable, sstable2json, and sstablekeys to Debian package
  • StreamingService.StreamDestinations wouldn’t empty itself after streaming finished (CASSANDRA-1076)
  • added Collections.shuffle(splits) before returning the splits in ColumnFamilyInputFormat (CASSANDRA-1096)
  • do not recalculate cache capacity post-compaction if it’s been manually modified (CASSANDRA-1079)
  • better defaults for flush sorter + writer executor queue sizes (CASSANDRA-1100)
  • windows scripts for SSTableImport/Export (CASSANDRA-1051)
  • windows script for nodetool (CASSANDRA-1113)
  • expose PhiConvictThreshold (CASSANDRA-1053)
  • make repair of RF==1 a no-op (CASSANDRA-1090)
  • improve default JVM GC options (CASSANDRA-1014)
  • fix SlicePredicate serialization inside Hadoop jobs (CASSANDRA-1049)

From this list I’ve noticed a couple of bug fixes related to the JVM Garbage collector and also some improvements to windows scripts (nb I’m not sure though if the status of trying out Cassandra on Windows changed or not). As always you can download Cassandra from ☞ here. Give it a try and tell us what is the process of upgrading a Cassandra cluster!