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News from CouchDB Camp

  1. Firstly a very nice trick from Christian: ☞ Couch Potato Bookmarklet - Lazy Features for CouchDB’s Futon: a bookmarklet for bulk deleting CouchDB documents

    So, I created the CouchDB Potato Bookmarklet (because I’m lazy). The bookmarklet creates a new delete column and provides a “Delete Documents” link to delete all the checked documents. I also added a “Select All Documents” which only selects non-design documents (so that I don’t accidentally delete a CouchDB view). These links can be found in the right navigation column under the “Recent Databases” section.

  2. Embedded below is a video of J. Chris Anderson talking about CouchDB @ E-VAN
  3. Couchio has announced a very interesting event CouchCamp and we added it to our new NoSQL events page.

  4. Last, (my) internet has been “spammed” by tons of redirects to the article ☞ CouchDB Moves to the Cloud with Couchio. According to the article:

    “We’ll be including Apache Lucene full-text indexing,” Katz said. “That’s an add-on for CouchDB that people usually have to download and build themselves.”