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Presentation: MongoDB Internals

Mike Dirolf from 10gen, the company the started the MongoDB project, gave a technical presentation a bit above the regular “Introduction to MongoDB”. While the slides, embedded below, might be a bit terse, there is a link at the bottom of each slide that will send you in the right direction for more information about that specific subject.

Some of the things mentioned in the slides:

  • MongoDB wire protocol (slide 7) (documented ☞ here)
  • data file allocation (slide 8) (documented ☞ here)
  • memory management (slides 9-11)
  • replication Oplog (slide 21) (documented ☞ here)

This post is written by new myNoSQL contributor Andrei Maxim. Andrei is a software engineer specialized mainly on web apps where his “weapon of choice” remains Ruby on Rails. Follow him on Twitter: @xhr