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Why NoSQL Databases Are Gaining Fans

Doug Henschen for InformationWeek:

Did you hear about MongoDB’s $150 million venture capital haul announced last week? How about DataStax’s $45 million round in July or Couchbase’s $25 million infusion in August?

What all these young vendors have in common is that they’re the backers of open-source NoSQL databases. As we explain in this week’s digital issue cover story, “When NoSQL Makes Sense,” these databases have it all over relational databases when it comes to scalability and flexibility. What’s more, they promise faster, cheaper development than enterprise stalwarts IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database.

I emphasized the key attributes Doug Henshen is mentioning. I’ve run through a list of other attributes that NoSQL databases are using to describe themselves (e.g. fast (as in performance), highly available, etc.), but I couldn’t find others that describe all the NoSQL products.

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