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NoSQL Ecosystem News & Links 2010-05-26

  1. Jake Luciani: ☞ I killed Thrudb for the love of Cassandra. Healthy reaction for the NoSQL community!

    So what’s the message here? In 2007 there were very few nosql dbs. Today there are way too many of them. It’s time to consolidate around the best of breed. I can do my part by killing off Thrudb.

  2. awksedgreep: ☞ NoSQL, a DBAs Perspective. Another healthy reaction, this time from a DBA appreciating NoSQL solutions.

    In order to summarize this post I’ll just start with this. We will shortly have Redis deployed in our production environment. I can’t really tell you how happy this makes me.

    As a DBA, and more importantly an “Open Source DBA”, I find many of the new NoSQL options intriguing.