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5 different kinds of BI

The earlier post from Rob Klopp about The future of BI made me look for other similar classifications of the BI field1. I’ve found this post from Curt Monash:

That could lead to the categories:

  • Both operational and root-cause: Real-time monitoring (or more precisely human real-time).
  • Operational but not root-cause: Operational BI without that monitoring aspect — e.g., checking whether an expense submission makes sense.
  • Root-cause but not operational: Investigative/exploratory BI.
  • Neither operational nor root-cause: Monitoring BI without an immediate operational aspect — e.g., checking the dashboard periodically.

This categorization seem to be more high level goal-oriented, while Rob Klopp’s post clearer in what each of the approaches offers.

  1. Regular readers already know that BI is not exactly my area of expertise. 

Original title and link: 5 different kinds of BI (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)