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Riak Search and Riak Full Text Indexing

Announced a while back and ☞ not quite here yet, Riak Search is Basho’s solution to the full text indexing problem.

While waiting for the release of Riak Search, I think that you can already start doing full text indexing using one of the existing indexing solutions (Lucene[1], Solr[2], ElasticSearch[3], etc.) and Riak post-commit hooks.

Simply put, all you’ll have to do is to create a Riak post-commit hook that feeds data into your indexing system.

The downside of this solution is that:

  1. you’ll still have to make sure that your indexing system is scalable, elastic, etc.
  2. you’ll not be able to use indexed data directly from Riak mapreduce functions, a feature that will be available through Riak Search.

Anyways, until Riak Search is out, why not having some fun!

Update: Embedded below a presentation on Riak Search providing some more details about this upcoming Basho product:

Update: Looks like the other presentation is not available anymore, so here is another on Riak search: