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Release: MongoDB 1.4.3, Bug Fixes

There’s a new MongoDB version out, 1.4.3, which is just a bug fix release:

  • $set with array offset doesn’t update index
  • 1.4 tools need “ok” fix to work with 1.5 server
  • DBClientPaired::isFailed is backwards
  • Increase log detail for MemoryMappedFile::flush (mmap_win.cpp) -ScopedDBConnection can leak
  • index on compount with array fails without array
  • multi-update only affects
  • oplog finding start may fail when oplog not looped
  • syncdelay values that were too large would overflow and cause fsyncs constantly
  • mongod.exe does not run from a path with spaces in it, and does not give a good error message

MongoDB 1.4.3 can be downloaded from ☞ here.