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Big Data: Achieve the Impossible in Real-Time

Jean-Pierre Dijcks (Oracle):

The main components in the big data platform provide:

  • Deep Analytics — a fully parallel, extensive and extensible toolbox full of advanced and novel statistical and data mining capabilities
  • High Agility — the ability to create temporary analytics environments in an end-user driven, yet secure and scalable environment to deliver new and novel insights to the operational business
  • Massive Scalability — the ability to scale analytics and sandboxes to previously unknown scales while leveraging previously untapped data potential
  • Low Latency — the ability to instantly act based on these advanced analytics in your operational, production environments

Big Data Platform

If I would be picky, the only thing I’d change would be the order: 1) low latency; 2) massive scalability; 3) high agility; 4) deep analytics.

Original title and link: Big Data: Achieve the Impossible in Real-Time (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)