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NoSQL Week in Review 21

After being on the roof of the world last week, NoSQL Week in Review is back.

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. Learning NoSQL from Twitter’s Experience
  2. Presentation: SQL anti patterns and NoSQL alternatives
  3. Cassandra Web Console
  4. Who Is Using HBase?
  5. Lessons from Redis-Land

If you look at the above it seems like the trend has changed lately, NoSQL’s audience attention shifting from introductory materials to case studies, which as we all know have always been considered a way to validate a technology.

On the other hand we all know that engineers have a passion for large scale systems and so seeing Learning NoSQL from Twitter’s Experience or Who Is Using HBase? in top 5 should not be a surprise. In the same category a post that I’d say didn’t get enough attention is NoSQL Case Study: Migrating to HBase/Hadoop to Handle Firefox Crash Reports at Mozilla.

NoSQL Releases

While not yet here, Redis 2.0 is getting closer and we even know the date!

InfoGrid, one of the graph databases we are covering and comparing here has announced a new release: InfoGrid 2.9.4 with Tons of Improvements

As a spoiler we have a new release announcement, plus an extremely interesting interview schedule to be published soon!

NoSQL Week in Review

Have a great NoSQL week!