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MemSQL: Use SQL to Query JSON

According to this, the next version of MemSQL will support JSON as a data type, similar to PostgreSQL JSON type, but with a slightly—really, just slightly—better syntax and function names:

By supporting the JSON datatype within a high performance database, MemSQL enables real-time analytics on data feeds of variable structure.

  • Use standard SQL over JSON data, including built-ins, GROUP BY, JOINs, and more.
  • Create JSON indexes online.
  • Client drivers require no changes to support JSON.
  • JSON properties are updatable.

Just in case you are wondering how this sits with me yelling about a premature return to SQL, keep in mind that:

  1. MemSQL is SQL-based
  2. They’re trying to extend SQL on top of JSON

So, I guess that’s OK. It won’t be easy though as they’ll have to address some interesting problems—null vs missing attributes, applying aggregation functions on heterogenous types, and so on. Or they might decide to go with “f### it, just normalize your JSON data first”.

Original title and link: MemSQL: Use SQL to Query JSON (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)