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Apache CouchDB 1.1.0 Released: Native SSL, HTTP Range Requests

Robert Newson just announced a new version of Apache CouchDB, 1.1.0, featuring native SSL, HTTP range requests, and a other features and improvements listed below:

  • Native SSL support.
  • Added support for HTTP range requests for attachments.
  • Added built-in filters for _changes: _doc_ids and _design.
  • Added configuration option for TCP_NODELAY aka “Nagle”.
  • Allow wildcards in vhosts definitions.
  • More granular ETag support for views.
  • More flexible URL rewriter.
  • Added OS Process module to manage daemons outside of CouchDB.
  • Added HTTP Proxy handler for more scalable externals.
  • Added _replicator database to manage replications.
  • Multiple micro-optimizations when reading data.
  • Added CommonJS support to map functions.
  • Added stale=update_after query option that triggers a view update after returning a stale=ok response.
  • More explicit error messages when it’s not possible to access a file due to lack of permissions.
  • Added a “change password”-feature to Futon.

While all these sound interesting, many of the items listed in this user suggested post 1.0 CouchDB roadmap didn’t make it in yet.

Original title and link: Apache CouchDB 1.1.0 Released: Native SSL, HTTP Range Requests (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)