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Cassandra 0.8 Featuring a Query Language and Distributed Counters

Cassandra 0.8.0 was announced today and it brings quite a few exciting new features:

  • Cassandra Query Language

    Eric Evans:

    How would you feel about a query language? Good, because now Cassandra is not only NoSQL, it’s MoSQL. 0.8 is the debut of CQL (Cassandra Query Language), an SQL-alike query language. We already have language drivers for Java (JDBC), Twisted (txcql), Python (DBAPI2), and Node.js, and more are on the way!

    The best places to learn about Cassandra Query Language (CQL) are the official doc[1] and Courtney Robinson’s slides below:

    There’s also a (low quality) video on skillsmatter website.

  • distributed counters

    Eric Evans again:

    Cassandra also has distributed counters now. With counters, you can count stuff, and counting stuff rocks.

  • intranode traffic encryption

A rolling restart will get your cluster up and running with Cassandra 0.8.0

  1. A more readable form of the document can be found here.  

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