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CouchDB Case Studies

The guys from ☞ Couchio started to publish a series of CouchDB case studies. This is a very good initiative that is on par with myNoSQL intentions. Unfortunately, the three published so far — you can be read them ☞ here — are in my opinion too thin in technical details. Here is a short list of questions that I’d love to hear more about:

  1. Why and how have you got to CouchDB?

  2. Have you had to migrate existing data? How did you do that? Are you still using a relational or other storage solution?

  3. What kind of replication strategy are you using?

  4. Are you sharding you data? If yes, what strategy/solution are you using?

  5. What lessons have you learned while using CouchDB?

If you can help me get these answer I bet it would make these CouchDB case studies even more interesting for the NoSQL community.

Another case study that J.Chris pointed out while I was away is the webOS announcement ☞ mentioned by Ed Finkler @funktron

If you’re into CouchDB and JavaScript, webOS is geting 100% more awesome: #palmdev