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A NoSQL Use Case: URL Shorteners

Last week, I have mentioned a post by Gleicon Moraes on ☞ building an URL shortener using MongoDB and alternatively Redis.

There is also a ☞ GitHub project by Sean Cribbs implementing the same scenario using Riak and Ruby-based Sinatra.

Update: Jan Lehnardt was quick to point me to a CouchDB-based URL shortner on ☞ GitHub.

Update 2: Mathias Meyer shared with us ☞ Relink: a solution built on top of Redis with Sinatra

Update 3: Aaron pointed out ☞ little, another solution using Redis and Node.js

Update 4: Frank Denis has just pushed live ☞ the code of another URL shortener ☞, built using Tokyo Cabinet and Sinatra. Thanks Frank!

I’m pretty sure there are many more such projects so please post a link to the project in the comment section and I’ll update the post.