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RavenDB 2.5 with Dynamic Aggregation and Query Streaming

Jan Stenberg summarizes on InfoQ the latest RavenDB release:

A stable version 2.5 of the document database RavenDB has been released with dynamic aggregation allowing for complex queries and an Unbounded results API using query streaming to retrieve large result sets in a single request.

While the Hadoop space is lately about SQL and speed, the NoSQL databases are starting to look into an area where users have high expectations: advanced queries over large amounts of data. If you remember the early days pretty much everything was about key-based access and then map-reduces data sifting. Today we have many different query languages or data processing frameworks. And there’s still a lot to come.

Original title and link: RavenDB 2.5 with Dynamic Aggregation and Query Streaming (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)