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Is Big Data an Economic Big Dud?

James Glanz of NYTimes constructing an article about Big Data’s (promised) ROI centered around economists’ opinions:

Those factors have some economists questioning whether Big Data will ever have the impact of the first Internet wave, let alone the industrial revolutions of past centuries. One theory holds that the Big Data industry is thriving more by cannibalizing existing businesses in the competition for customers than by creating fundamentally new opportunities.

I’m not that good at the history of economics, but I don’t think any of those technologies put their mark on the history in just in a few years; actually I think they usually took decades if not even more. Just because some early projects are failing and some others have set vague goals, I wouldn’t hurry to call Big Data a dud.

Original title and link: Is Big Data an Economic Big Dud? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)