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Instant in-memory analytics via drag & drop


Simply drag & drop text files or spreadsheets into TARGIT Xbone, and immediately use TARGIT’s high-performance analytics on the data within. The power of TARGIT Xbone lies in its simplicity: artificial intelligence automatically detects the potential hierarchies (e.g., time, product, and customer relationships). Dimension detection is lightning-fast when the operations are in-memory. And automating this process incorporates some quality control: users can’t create “dirty dimensions” (multiple-multiple relationships), and by the same token, users receive the same results when collaborating on data synchronized or shared across multiple devices.

At a time when even month-old startups talk about millions and millions of rows, while big guys are already processing petabytes, it’s good to know that you can have instant magical data analysis by drag and dropping text files and spreadsheets.

Original title and link: Instant in-memory analytics via drag & drop (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)