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EMC Partners with MapR for Greenplum HD Enterprise Edition

EMC plans to bring MapR’s proprietary replacement for the Hadoop Distributed File System to its enterprise-ready Apache Hadoop Greenplum HD:

Because MapR’s file system is more efficient than HDFS, users will achieve two to five times the performance over standard Hadoop nodes in a cluster, according to Schroeder. That translates into being able to use about half the number of nodes typically required in a cluster, he said.

“Hadoop nodes cost about $4,000 per node depending on configuration. If you add in power costs, HVAC, switching, and rackspace, you’ll probably double that,” Schroeder said. “Our product can immediately save you $4,000 and over 8 years it’ll save you $8000 per node.”

In terms of what MapR is bringing to the table, the article mentions MapR’s improvements to Apache Hadoop:

  • multiple channels to data through NFS protocol
  • a re-architected NameNode for high availability
  • eliminated single points of failure and automated jobs failover
  • data mirroring and snapshot capabilities
  • wide area replication

Filing this to the announced section of the Hadoop-related solutions list.

Original title and link: EMC Partners with MapR for Greenplum HD Enterprise Edition (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)