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Hortonworks wishing Eric Baldeschwieler well

Three sentences in a 5 paragraphs post from Hortonwork’s CEO about Eric Baldeschwieler departure:

I’d like to start off first by thanking Eric for his contributions to the Hadoop community since its inception over 7 years ago, and I’d like to express my personal appreciation for his help in getting Hortonworks off the ground.

This smells like a not so friendly breakup.

✚ The first to notice this change was Derrick Harris on GigaOm.

✚ The new Hortonworks CTO is Ari Zilka (previously founder and CTO of IMDG Terracotta, but at the time already working at Hortonworks)

Original title and link: Hortonworks wishing Eric Baldeschwieler well (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)