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This week MongoDB Reading List

Articles ☞ Storing ViewState in MongoDb Database

ViewState can serve as both good and evil. Good because it allows to persist the ASP.NET control state during postbacks. Evil because it makes the page size larger and causes more bandwidth to be consumed. In this article we are going to demonstrate how to move the ViewState out of the page and store it in a MongoDb database.

Daniel Wertheim: ☞ Simple-MongoDB – Part 1, Getting started

So, I thought it was time for me to write a “Getting started with MongoDB” article but instead of using Sam Corder’s driver, I will use my own: “Simple-MongoDB”. It will be a series of posts covering this topic. This post is the first and will cover how-to get connected and how-to add some entities.

Daniel Wertheim: ☞ Simple-MongoDB – Part 2, Anonymous types, JSON, Embedded entities and references

This is the second article of me showing some features in the Simple-MongoDB driver. This time I will explore more ways of inserting data. More specifically, I will look at how-to insert Anonymous types as well as how-to insert entities described with JSON. Finally we will look at how to deal with embedded documents and relationships between entities, so called references.

Shiju Varghese: ☞ NoSQL with MongoDB, NoRM and ASP.NET MVC - Part 1

In this post, I will give an introduction to how to work on NoSQL and document database with MongoDB , NoRM and ASP.Net MVC 2.

Shiju Varghese: ☞ NoSQL with MongoDB, NoRM and ASP.NET MVC - Part 2

In this post, let’s discuss on domain entity with deep object graph.

Hernan Garcia: ☞ MongoDb provider for, part 3 – Mappers and more refactoring

Today we need to implement the mapper class for Post. But first let’s check what we have done so far and see if we can improve this a bit. We notice some duplication on the MongoDb class.

Scott Watermasysk: ☞ Dynamics and MongoDB Revisited

In what appeared to be moment of clarity a couple of days ago, I decided to try to use extension methods and add dynamics on top of MongoDB-CSharp.

The first post was mentioned in MongoDB: Articles and Videos

Michael Kennedy: ☞ The NoSQL Movement, LINQ, and MongoDB - Oh My!

I cover the programming model in detail as well as introduce the actual database server below. For some vague motivation, let me just give you a quick look at how you define the data model and maintain it.

You can read more about MongoDB and LINQ in Rob Conery’s Using Mongo With LINQ mentioned in MongoDB: Articles and Videos.


Alex Sharp: ☞ Practical Ruby Projects With Mongo Db

Michael Dirolf: ☞ Introduction to MongoDB

Kyle Banker: ☞ MongoDB: The Way and its Power


☞ MongoDB and Mongoid with Durran Jordan - Hashrocket Lunch ‘n’ Learn

Seth Edwards: ☞ MongoDB