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Overview of the OODBMS World

Curt Monash published a brief overview of the OODBMS world that includes the majority of the object databases. According to him, Intersystems Caché is the most successful object-oriented database:

Intersystems Caché, the most successful OODBMS product by far, with good OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing) capabilities and a strong presence in the health care market. Although it was designed around the specialized MUMPS/M language, Caché happily talks Java and SQL.

In a similar move to its competitor Objectivy which launched the InfiniteGraph graph database, Intersystems has released recently Globals, a database implemented on top of MUMPS Global Persistent Variables — in fact InterSystems Caché, InterSystems Globals, and GT.M are all implemented on top of MUMPS.

Original title and link: Overview of the OODBMS World (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)