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MongoDB Utilities

After presenting a couple of nice GUI tools for MongoDB, it’s time to look at a different set of utilities for MongoDB:

MongoDB Slow Queries Monitor

This is a ☞ plugin for Scout[1]:

Reports slow queries based on the threshold (100ms or greater) you specify. Provides details on queries that are slow.

MongoDB Metrics for Ganglia

In the same field, we have ☞ a simple Python script for submitting MongoDB metrics to Ganglia[2].

Right now it tracks the following:

  • Operations per second
  • Memory usage
  • Btree statistics
  • Master/Slave status
  • Current connections

Meclipse: Eclipse + MongoDB

☞ Meclipse is an Eclipse[3] plugin for MongoDB administration:

What does Meclipse do? * It has a MongoDB View that contains a list of servers (connections). It is possible to add/remove connections. They are saved in a settings file. * It loads (as TreeView) the list of databases and collections. * It loads the data found in the collection. To do this, Meclipse opens a new Editor and shows the data loaded (This part needs a lot of work).

Do you have other MongoDB utilities that you’d like to share?


  • [1] ☞ Scout: simple server and application monitoring ()
  • [2] ☞ Ganglia: a scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters and Grids. ()
  • [3] ☞ Eclipse: is a multi-purpose, extensible IDE. ()