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Schema Design in Schema-less Datastores

John Conwell:

I’m still getting used to this whole schema-less, document oriented database thing. I’ve been trying to determine out what document structure to store my Twitter data in, and I keep flipping back and forth. I’ve been writing software in the land of relational databases for 15 years, and consider myself pretty good at designing database schemas for enterprise class solutions. But when it comes to this whole schema-less document store thing, I’m not sure what the best approach is.

In the relational databases world the data modeling process was mainly a single step activity: design the schema based on normalization rules . In the NoSQL world, designing the schema means analyzing data access patterns. Differently put the question shifted from how do I store data to how will I access data.

Original title and link: Schema Design in Schema-less Datastores (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)