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TokuMX means for MongoDB the same as InnoDB to MySQL

Vadim Tkachenko (MySQL Performance blog) about TokuMX, the fractal tree-based storage for MongoDB:

Why is TokuMX interesting? A few reasons:

  • It comes with transactions, and all that good stuff that transactions provide: a concurrent access to documents (no more global write-lock in MongoDB); crash recovery; atomicity
  • Performance in IO-bound operations
  • A good compression rate, which is a money-saver if you use SSD/Flash
  • But it is also SSD/Flash life-time friendly, which is double money-saver

Some thoughts:

  1. TokuMX brings to the table some features that might not be top priorities or even features that 10gen wants into MongoDB.
    1. I seriously doubt 10gen engineering or sales are recommending TokuMX.
    2. While the advantages of the TokuMX engine are quite interesting, how isTokutek closing sales (considering 10gen is not sharing their list of customers)?
  2. How would this mix of 10gen and Tokutek work at the business level? I don’t think Tokutek wants to sell or that 10gen is ready to acquire/merge with Tokutek.
  3. How would this work for customers? The InnoDB-MySQL and TokuMX-MongoDB parallel looks good on paper, but I cannot imagine how a user will interact with these 2 providers. Buy a license from Tokutek, then pay 10gen support for MongoDB and then call both?
  4. How will this integration work long term considering the complete control 10gen has over the core MongoDB? While 10gen could come up with a compatibility certification, I don’t think they’ll actually do it (see point 1).

Original title and link: TokuMX means for MongoDB the same as InnoDB to MySQL (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)