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Hadoop: Granted License for Google’s MapReduce Patent

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I’ve already said it a couple of times[1] that any project that can be connected to Google’s MapReduce patent should try to get a license from them or have this aspect very well clarified. And it looks like ☞ the Apache Software Foundation moved pretty fast for its Hadoop project:

To: ASF Board

Several weeks ago I sought clarification from Google about its
recent patent 7,650,331 [“System and method for efficient large- scale data processing”] that may be infringed by implementation of
the Apache Hadoop and Apache MapReduce projects. I just received
word from Google’s general counsel that “we have granted a license
for Hadoop, terms of which are specified in the CLA.”

I am very pleased to reassure the Apache community about Google’s
continued generosity and commitment to ASF and open source. Will
someone here please inform the Apache Hadoop and Apache MapReduce
projects that they need not worry about this patent.

Wondering when others will make their move!