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Hadoop/MapReduce-as-a-Service Pricing Strategies

Here’s what a new startup in the Hadoop space is believing about pricing of a Hadoop service:

Rather than charge by the hour, for example, Stata’s experience suggests Hadoop services are best charged based on a monthly baseline usage with room even built in for reasonable overages. This is because companies familiar with Hadoop usually understand their baseline requirements, give or take a handful of additional jobs, and would prefer to be able to budget for that each month.

And here’s what Yelp using Amazon Elastic MapReduce is saying about their hourly rates:

But the scalability does not come for free, the main drawbacks are 1) spinning up a cluster can take 5-20 minutes, 2) you are billed per hour or fraction thereof. This means if your job finishes in 2 hours 10 minutes, you are charged for the full three hours.

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