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Upcoming Riak Version Getting Some New Cool Features

Firstly, after dropping their custom protocol Jiak, upcoming Riak version will support protobuf[1]. You’ll find some technical details about the Riak Protocol Buffers Client and API ☞ here.

Secondly, the new version of Riak will finally feature pre-commit and post-commit hooks[2]. These hooks can be defined on each per-bucket:

Pre-commit hooks are invoked before a riak_object is persisted. Pre-commit hooks can:

  • allow the write to occur with an unmodified object
  • modify the object
  • Fail the update and prevent any modifications

Post-commit hooks are notified after the fact and should not modify the riak_object.

I guess we will have another exciting release from Riak[3] soon!


  • [1] protobuf or Protocol Buffers is a solution coming from Google for encoding structured data in an efficient yet extensible format. You can read more about it ☞ here. protobuf is similar with ☞ Thrift which is used by other NoSQL projects (f.e. Cassandra) ()
  • [2] Pre-commit and post-commit hooks are similar to SVN commit hooks which are operating in a very similar way. In the RDBMS world, pre-commit and post-commit hooks are somehow similar to triggers. You can read more about Riak pre-commit and post-commit hooks on their ☞ wiki. ()
  • [3] It looks like somehow I’ve missed the Riak 0.9.x releases or at least I cannot find them now. . ()